Monday, February 27, 2017

2017 Special Feature: Amy Brooks

Amy was born in a Pittsburgh hospital with congenital tetraphocomelia – having no arms or legs. She was abandoned at the hospital by her birth parents where the staff was asked if they could "put her in a room and not feed her."

Can you image being born without arms or legs? What would be the quality of your life? How would you cope? What would your attitude or personality be like? How about the depth of your humor, the level of your faith, or your compassion for others?

She came to live with Richard and Janet Brooks of Avalon and their four children as a foster child when she was 8 days old. She soon became the fifth and final permanent member of the Brooks family.

Performing everyday tasks is a challenge for Brooks, she said, but she has learned to adapt. She scoots on the floor or uses a wheelchair. She writes by holding a pen between her head and shoulder and texts on her phone by using her lips or "tongue if I need to do it really fast," she said. She is a poster child for perseverance.

Amy Brooks is a joyful, exuberant and faithful Christian whose vision is to glorify Christ by testifying to the unbeliever of His saving grace and by bringing encouragement to those who already know Him. "Each and every one of us was created with a purpose," she said. "We need to start seeing ourselves as one cohesive unit working with each other.... You can't have a hockey team full of forwards."

In her inspiring, humorous, and uplifting 2-part autobiography, Amy takes you on an amazing journey as she shares her life story and her enviable faith. All throughout, she will make you laugh. She will also make you cry a little. Most importantly, Amy will challenge and inspire you in a way that promises to change your life forever!

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