Sunday, February 14, 2016

2016 Theme: Refresh My Heart in Christ

Refresh my heart in Christ. - Philemon 20

 What do you find most refreshing? A cold drink on a hot day? An afternoon nap? Listening to praise and worship music?

Spiritually, we can refresh our heart by calling out to our Lord Jesus and allow Him to draw us closer. He wants us to come to Him when we feel discouraged, depressed, or need a bit of refreshment. His word can speak to our heart.

In Scripture, we read of refreshment by resting on the Sabbath...with cool water after physical soothing music...and with encouraging fellowship. The apostle Peter exhorted his listeners on the day of Pentecost to repent and respond to the gospel "that times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord." (Acts 3)

Even now as believers we can experience a time of refreshing by quieting our hearts in a devotional time of prayer and Bible reading. When we spend time alone with the Lord, we can experience His peace and joy which refresh us in spirit. We need to be quiet before the Lord to hear His heart and to share our heart with Him. When we draw near to God, our minds are refreshed. (Excerpts from "Daily Bread)

Darlene Hepler will be speaking to us about allowing the Lord to refresh you with His Truth, and purging out the lies we have believed for too long. Her two-part message will be "Who Told You That?" Make plans now to come and hear more about being "refreshed in Christ" from Darlene, Abby, and Beth.

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